5 ‘Must Have’ technology features that Parents should look for in a school management system

These days, everybody loves to get real-time updates. Therefore, we ask many parents about what they would love to know about their kid’s school activities. On the basis of discussion, we are summarizing five key features that are required in every school’s management system. Have a good read!!

Real-Time Communication

In the present time, all sorts of communication are becoming instantaneous like as soon as you make a credit card transaction, you receive an instant message or app notifications to inform about the success or failure of the activity. Schools should be no different in providing real-time notifications to parents about their kid’s activity in schools. These days, no one waits for a progress report that comes at the end of term exams or parent-teacher meetings to receive kids’ performance feedback. Parents want to be involved in most of the stages of kid’s growth and are looking forward to instant updates on class assignments, sports, examinations, and kids’ discipline.

GPS based location tracking

Tracking school bus/van or any other vehicle has become important for the safety of kids. Schools can use the technological products that have GPS tracking functionality to track school bus/van. GPS tracking is not only imperative for kids’ safety but also improves efficiency in school operations. Parents can track the school bus on a mobile app like the way we check how much time it takes for our Uber to come to the pick-up location. Parents can also ensure the kid is getting into the right authorized vehicle of the school. In addition, parents can get an alert in case the school bus (or student) deviates from a certain distance from a predefined route/perimeter.

Online assessment that provide insights into student learning capabilities

Schools should have at their disposal advance online assessments on different subjects that students can easily attempt. Such assessments are capable of measuring students’ performance on the basis of several factors like time taken to solve a question, questions that are not attempted, questions that couldn’t be solved even after spending time, etc. and gives insights into the different aspect of learning capabilities of each student. Such advanced tools provide enough inputs to school teachers and parents about each student and thus each student can be approached differently as per their own learning capabilities.

Curriculum management and e-learning courses

Parents want to know the exact curriculum in each subject and timelines to complete each topic by the respective teachers. In advance school management systems, notifications are sent automatically to school admin, teachers, and parents if a topic/course is not completed with-in planned schedule. This capability helps teachers and parents in planning effectively, keeping track of the course completion progress in each subject. It would be best if the curriculum management system is coupled with an e-learning module. System could provide the parents, teachers, and students a list of appropriate e-learning videos and other content for each topic that is going on in each subject (as mandatory or optional courses). Teachers and parents can also track the progress of e-learning courses.

Advanced Reporting

Parents want to evaluate the performance of their kid against other students in many possible ways for the kid’s own growth. Standard reporting methodology provides a restricted view of performance, a school management system should provide comprehensive reports to compare the performance in a better way. For example – if someone wants to know how many students are ahead of his/her kid in a subject, etc.

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