Clients love OurSchoolPro!!!

Discover the best school management and information platform

which is designed and developed by best education and technology SMEs 

OurSchoolPro  aims to empower each kind of school with its blend of configurable features 

Our clients can rightly decide the appropriate mix of features which meet the unique needs of their schools

Everything our clients need

OurSchoolPro provides all required features and tools which any school requires. Having said that, all features are developed and being enhanced in the most configurable way. we believe that nothing should stop our clients in operating and managing their schools with OurSchoolPro.

No hidden cost

We, at OurSchoolPro, hold high ethical standards and would love to make a business transaction in the best transparent way. We disclose all types of costs at the start of our engagement and never ask for any hidden costs later. We look for a long and healthy relationship with our clients.

Access to future innovation

We are keep asking our clients their feedback on existing features and thus we keep enhancing features. All our existing clients have access to this innovation that we do on a continuous basis. And, hey!! we don’t ask any additional charges from our clients for these new innovations .

If you are looking for pricing for a chain of schools, then please let us know. 

We will reach out to you.